Invest in a
world of Trust

Trustier is an online benchmarking platform for trust(worthiness), by using Trustcoins as a currency of trust.

Based on the amount of Trustcoins received and withdrawn, each individual and company will have a Trust Tier. Tiers serve as a level of trustworthiness and can be used in all online or offline exposure as a marketing and branding tool and will be auditable in a blockchain-based register.

In this way, Trustier is the ultimate step in the trend of distributed trust.

Global Launch
(Q4 2018)

First Public Sale
(Q4 2018)

First Pre-sale
(Q3 2018)

Private Sale

We’re building on a world of trust

Trustier wants to become the benchmark for trustworthiness of both individuals and organisations. A tool to use whenever people are applying for a job, renting, hiring, buying, selling, donating, loving, trading and meeting.

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Application version 1.0 is live!

Trustier has an inclusive approach. Instead of naming and shaming, we want to create a platform for acknowledgement of trust, to combine with gut feelings and references.

Everybody is welcome at Trustier, as long as they want to improve their reputation in the long run.

The Trustier platform is used by:

  • Individual users: a way to give and receive trust and proof trustworthiness to others
  • Organisations: to proof trustworthiness to others (reputation management), a way to give and receive trust to representatives, clients or suppliers to improve revenues, for risk management purposes, and for creating HRM-reporting tools

Platform version 1.0 live!

Version 1.0 of our platform has been launched! We are still working hard to improve and extend the functionalities. Feedback is greatly appreciated.

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Trustier Explained

Validating Trust

Trustier will be the first organisation to really measure and validate TRUST. The Trustcoins that we have introduced can be given and received, in limited amounts.

Trustcoins can be used for different purposes:

  • Reference when entering into new business agreements
  • Background check when renting houses or valuables
  • Guarantee when lending money or other types of credit
  • Token of appreciation or loyalty
  • Reference when finding coaches, babysitters, teachers, etc.
  • Indicator for the reliability of foreign suppliers
  • Managing your online reputation

Who do you really trust, and who trusts you?

If you receive Trustcoins, you have to 'spend' them wisely. And you can lose them when you break somebody's trust (unlike ratings on regular review websites).

This will provide you an interesting view on your network of friends, family, business partners, clients and colleagues.

Based on the amount of Trustcoins received and withdrawn, each individual and company will have a TrustTier. These ratings can be used in all online and offline exposure as a marketing and (personal) branding tool and will be auditable in a blockchain-based register.


Everything you need to know and a bit more

Download Whitepaper(.pdf 1.7MB)
Private Sale


The first (pre-)ITO that will be offered is a limited funding round for early investors and promoters. The general public can obtain the Trustier Token in this phase via private referral or invitation only.

We will be offering a token sale in three phases. The first Public Token Sale is planned in Q4 2018, depending on market circumstances. With this token, people can be part of in the initial concept of Trustier. With the proceeds, we can keep developing the (web)platform, Android and iOS app and bring it to the next level. The primary goals are improving the Trustier application, develop marketing campaigns and building an active user base and community.

Interested in our token sale?

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5 reasons to buy Trustier Tokens

  • Be part of a worldwide, fast-growing, social platform that seeks to change the way we show and share our trust and boost our reputation
  • We will use 10% of all annual subscription fees worldwide to buy back Trustier Tokens and redistribute them to active and trustworthy members of the Trustier platform
  • Up to 10% of all annual subscription fees worldwide will be distributed to all holders of Trustier Tokens in Ether annually
  • Trustier has launched its international platform and will release an iOS app this summer
  • Invest in a blockchain inspired solution for an issue that is part of nearly all transactions between individuals and organisations

Use of funds

Development: 25% of budget
This financing allows for the rollout of the TRUSTIER solution, including the necessary adjustments to and development of the existing technology, including a blockchain or blockchain inspired solution to create transparency and fairness for the Trustcoin infrastructure. The development team will be extended to the ideal size of about 6 seniors and 4 juniors.

Administrative: 8% of budget
Consists of legal, security, accounting and other associated administration costs.

Marketing: 43% of budget
Marketing will focus on expanding awareness and adoption of the TRUSTIER solution among users and organisations. This also includes the growth and maintenance of the world-wide community.

Contractors: 13% of budget
These funds will be directed at third-party providers offering engineering, growth-hacking, PR, partnerships, affiliate programs and more.

Management: 6% of budget
Management fees and travel expenses.

Contingency: 5% of budget

Funding Targets and Summary

Investment goal & funding cap: € 20.000.000
Minimum funding target: € 4.000.000
Long name: Trustier Token
Short name: TTT
Total token supply:
Token platform: ETH (ERC-20)
Estimated Start 1st Pre-Sale: Q3 2018
Estimated Start 1st Public Sale: Q4 2018
Token reserve for investors: 60%
Payment method: Ether will be accepted

The goal is to raise a minimum of €4m (soft cap) and a maximum of €20m (hard cap), divided amongst three token sales.

Mark Leenards
Founder & CEO

Mark learned about the importance of trust working as a hedge fund manager since 2006. Initiated and supported several initiatives in the financial sector and gaming industry and is now dedicated to change the world with Trustier.

Trust me on Trustier
Joris Slagter

Joris was lead developer at an online game company and has been delivering web solutions to corporate clients since 2009. Understands perfectly what online users expect from an app. Created tokens on the Ethereum platform in a three days learning curve.

Trust me on Trustier
Marvin Orlando Reingoud
Senior Branding & Design

Marvin is a very creative and skilled designer with many years of experience. He helped many companies to create unique - inside and outside the box - marketing & branding strategies and has an excellent understanding of the art of persuasive design.

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Patrick Simpson
Senior Backend Developer

Patrick is a software developer with 15 years experience. Over the years he has developed both a broad range of experience with different languages and in different domains, and in-depth technical knowledge in a number of fields.

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Beer Holties
Senior Frontend Developer

Beer is a very experienced front-end developer with 15 years of professional history in different markets. Specializing into the blockchain industry.

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Sebastiaan van Dijk
Business Development Assistent

Sebastiaan is a smart, multi-talented business development assistant in close touch with the younger generation of users who grew up with 'online reputation'.

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Marijn van Trierum
Marketing & Communication Manager

Marijn learned about viral marketing by creating popular social media accounts on Instagram and Youtube. Marijn will finish her Media & Culture Master at the University of Utrecht this year.

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Ennio Brands
Senior iOS Developer

Ennio is an experienced mobile developer with a strong focus on iOS. Over the years, he has published over a dozen apps where he always strives for the best possible user experience.

Trust me on Trustier
Kobus Paulsen
Chairman listed cyber security company, Angel Investor
Ken Lipton
Over 30 years experience in maximisation of shareholder value
Daryn Stilwell
Board member of cyber security company, trusted legal professional
Shirjeel Fahid
Hands-on legal analyst with blockchain and Solidity knowledge
Mustafa Al-Bassam
Security and blockchain expert
George Messum
Business analyst
Menno M. Thijssen
Serial entrepreneur, Business detonator, Chairman of multiple tech companies
Carl Bahnmuller
Entrepreneur, coach and mentor
Alex Rogers
Business Analyst
Jacqueline de Gruyter
Founder App Festival & Matchmaker digital professionals
Tom Roozen
IT-business advisor with gamification focus
Dave Ligthart
Creative Technologist, serial entrepreneur
Dennis Kirpensteijn
Serial Entrepreneur, Angel Investor, Product Guy